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mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

martedì 27 marzo 2012

Enchanting Black Glitter Necklace

by LSCreations4U

Speckles of star dust have encrusted this enchanting necklace. Wearing it will make you the most enchanting seductress on earth! Throw off speckles of own star dust to enchant the people around you!

It is 32 inches long and made of wonderfully colorful beads that change hue in the light. It will pick up any color in your wardrobe. There are no hooks or clasps. It will pass right over your head to make it easy to get on any off. It can be worn as one or a double strand, or knotted in the front.

LOVE THE SENSATION of wearing this enchanting necklace! Made just 4 U by LSCreations4U!

Red Desert Sunset Necklace

Red Desert Sunset Necklace

From lscreations4u

Red Desert Sunset Necklace Red Desert Sunset Necklace Red Desert Sunset Necklace
Have you ever felt the last heat of the sun on your bare shoulders, while it slowly sets behind you? That is the sensation you will love wearing this unique necklace!

This 16 inch necklace is composed of handmade lampwork glass beads by LSCREATIONS4U in warm desert colors: bright red, orange and coral, with a hint of sand hue. They are beautifully displayed woven through a pure silver chain. They are further complimented by three flat pure silver beads. The necklace is closed with a silver hook that is easy to put on and take off.

LOVE THE SENSATION of feeling warm, sunny and bright wearing this necklace. It is unique, just like you!

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