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giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

Classic is always Classy!

Classic Gold Necklace

by LSCreations4U :
The Classic Gold Necklace is a Classic Beauty!

This very elegant necklace has four strands. Three strands are composed of 7 mm glass beads from Murano containing 24 k gold leaf and 10 mm antique gold bugles. The fourth strand distinguishes itself with 7 mm citrine zirconia teardrop beads and 8 mm twisted antique bugles. The necklace is 18 inches long and is closed with a easy to open and close gold plated hook.

Imagine The Classic Gold Necklace worn on a Greek or Roman Goddess!! Why not be that Goddess yourself? Make yourself feel like a Goddess and LOVE THE SENSATION of wearing this graceful, yet sophisticated Classic Beauty made just for you by LSCreations4U.

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